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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 30, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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we'll are live 10 eastern tomorrow night for reaction to donald trump's big speech on immigration, thanks for being with us. have a great night. we'll see you back here tomorrow night. >> there are new clinton emails showing secretary clinton's top aide huma abedin was concerned about secretary clinton's email on a trip to russia. the result clinton just kept on using private email server. go figure, right? also tonight the fbi about to pull back the curtain on the clinton email situation. taking you inside that investigation. sean duffy is here. let's get right to radio talk show host and editor and chief of lifezette magazine. nice to see you, laura. >> nice to see you. >> hard to keep track of all these emails. >> they keep popping up. reminds me of the old billing records in the white house. remember when the rose white
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house billing records popped up when they were under a court order to turn over? we're going to see where this leads. but, at the very least. the email that is highlighted today is the email that indicates that they knew all along that these blackberries were not secure, that the interconnectedness of the clinton foundation and the state department was rank. and they are on an official trip. but they are communicating about the foundation. i mean, so i think most people that hear emails in their eyes probably do glaze over. this does go kind of to the basic question of what is the public trust. you get the sense that when hillary hears the phrase public trust. it's, well, i trust the public to work for me. and, no, no. you are supposed to work for the public. and your focus is supposed to be on foreign policy and making our country safer and our allies safer. that's supposed to be the focus. it seems like there have were a lot of desperate focuses at the state department with hillary
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clinton. >> i'm not excusing her using private server. only new email to us in the sense that they are not -- it's not newly discovered on some server or anything. i have seen more than one email showing that people who work very closely to her and have for years have known about this. and i think to myself, didn't they have, you know, the courage, the guts, the stamina, the sense, the brains, the, you know, to say something? >> yes, the old line is there no shame? you are supposed to be working during your work time for the public. you areworking in the public interest. >> i don't know that they should have said to her we shouldn't be doing this? you can't keep government communications on servers that are hackable. i mean, everything is hackable. but as we heard from government testimony, it was less secure than google. yeah. they all knew that but she knew that in that email, you
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saw that huma abedin understood that this stuff was not secure. we left the blackberries on the plane. so, the other ways that they had to communicate. you know another interesting development from the citizens united request is that these documents apparently are going to be coming out until 2018. the document production is going to continue and this could actually be going on until the next midterm election cycle. that's how many documents they are holding back until the court order is fully executed. >> i think people will get bored about hearing this every day. >> if she wins people are going to say it's irrelevant. she wins. >> let's turn to the debate which i think is going to decide this. >> it's going to be a big one, absolutely. >> get the independents and the undecides. >> yes. >> donald trump, at lois in your time secretary clinton was going to try to get under his skin. >> yes. old friend of mine was joking the other day kellyanne, if i'm hillary clinton, i'm going to push
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every button. i have got to push every button because what they want him to do is to react and be his stereotype. he needs to reassure the public. he needs to, you know, when she picks it up to a fevered pitch, he needs to bring it down. performance things that even reagan had to practice. president reagan was governor of california, he did debate practice. you have to do it. i think people tend to. >> trump one thing he wasn't doing debate he was having hamburgers or something else at some country club. he wasn't going to stand at the podium and practice. >> i don't know what they are going to do ultimately. i think if i, you know, if i could advise on the air which i have been doing on the row about, this i would take it seriously. you don't have to know every fact about every president. he is not going to know the little tiny things. you have to know how to pivot and get back to the central question of the status quo is unacceptable
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to most americans. i'm going to change that. and if you want a job, you are going to have more money in your pocket. to me, that's the message, it has to be a message of stability, reassurance, and, i think, in the end, it has to be this country is going to get better, when my policies are put in place. and, you know, is he either going to do that or he is not. i think you do need to practice. i mean, look, people do it different ways but i worked for president reagan. i mean, i always think of the way he did things. he was a master performer, let's not forget it. >> we're all waiting for that first debate. >> it's a big one for sure. >> laura, thank you. >> good to see. >> you it doesn't just stop. there is more breaking news on the clinton email front. the fbi is getting ready to release new material from the clinton email investigation. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is here. catherine, we have new e-mails. >> okay. so, in this situation, after the fbi closed the classified information investigation in july, all these media outlets made requests for those files.
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and what we expect to happen this week is that some of those files will now be released. so, the fbi recommendation to the justice department not to pursue criminal charges. also, the summary of clinton's interview, what they call in the fbi the 302, and then also the back of notes from the agency who questioned her. >> why weren't they released two weeks ago and why are they being released now? >> the foia process is a mysterious thing. >> okay. that's my only good answer to that but this is certainly a question where these records are being forced into the public domain because of requests by media outlets. this is not the fbi making a decision to release this information sort of in the same way the director went public about his findings in july. >> all right. when i was talking to laura and i talked about new emails. these aren't sort of new emails. this is a universe of emails. >> this is the fbi's investigative file on the clinton emails. >> we are just getting pieces of it so it's new to us. it's not like newly
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discovered emails? >> no. this is the fbi's investigative file on the clinton emails. so this is the mount of evidence they gathered to reach a conclusion that they could not or should not recommend criminal charges. so, at the heart of this are the notsd from the agents who investigated hillary clinton and her email practices as opposed to god forbid new email records. >> are they notes about what she said, what was asked of her or do they also include thoughts like i think she is telling the truth, i think she is not telling the truth? i think she is uninformed? >> we are going to see depending on how much of the records are released and how much it is redacted or sections are blacked out for security reasons. what i would say to people is that republican congressman trey gowdy i think even on your show said at one point that he did not see evidence that fbi agents really explored the issue of intent and why she set up the server and that's important because the fbi
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director said when he was against criminal charges that there was no evidence of intent. so, it's kind of a chicken and egg situation. how do you make that conclusion if your agents did not press her on that issue? >> and, of course, that's what she may get pressed on at the debate. >> well, on the judicial watch has now tabled their 25 questions. they have to answer under oath. >> by when? >> september 29th. so that's just after that first debate. >> all right. anyway, catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> it seems like every day there is a new piece to the clinton email puzzle. republicans are pouncing. >> there were multiple individuals who did not have a security clearance who were given server or to her email. answers in fbi interview were truthful. >> secretary clinton said all work related emails were returned to the state department, is that true? >> no. >> he signed a sworn affidavit in august of 2015 testifying under penalty of perjury that she turned over
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all of her work-related emails to the state department. it doesn't appear that that affidavit is truthful either. >> i gainer teach you none of you phis would get away with that. >> wisconsin congressman sean duffy goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> hi, greta. how are you doing? >> good. >> the news today about this particular set of emails have been released is that huma abedin knew that there was some insecurity associated with the clinton email when they were on a trip to russia. big deal? not a big deal? and if it's a big deal, what are you going to do about it? >> well, i think it's a big deal in that huma, the deputy chief of staff knew that the clinton server wasn't secure and hillary clinton knew her server wasn't. >> i don't know if it shows that secretary clinton does but huma abedin did. >> she sent emails going around russia their
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blackberries weren't secure. in the house when we go to hot zones like, this we don't take our blackberries or iphones with us because someone doesn't have to steal your phone to get information off of it they just have to be in close proximity. if they would have brought their phones to russia, left them on the plane, they are not secure on a u.s. plane on a russian tarmac. the russians can still access that information. i think it shows a real cavalier attitude towards secure information. that should have been in a far more safe and secure place back in the united states. >> all right. certainly shows a huma abedin. how do you connect it to secretary clinton, by the mere fact that she works any indication. one thing i don't know how computers savvy secretary because we haven't gotten a lot of answers. how do you assign this to
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secretary clinton herself. >> i don't have email but i was a former prosecutor like you were, greta, americans whether they are on a jury panel electoral candidates. if your chief of staff is talking to the rest of the staff about the security of your information on a foreign trip, i'm sure that she had the concern for all the staff, she would have concern for hillary clinton herself who has the most secure information of everybody, i would assume using my common sense she would have told hillary clinton that, i don't have email to prove it. common sense obviously she would have shared that information with hillary clinton. by the way, greta. huma, we have emails that show less secure democrat that on the front seat of her car or had call back or me mail back secure data and put in trunk. she herself hasn't shown a real concern for security of her information and she is the one bringing this topic up to the rest of the staff on this trip.
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certainly point to huma abedin being one thing i don't see where secretary clinton k
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well now she is losing the "new york times" editorial board in a sharp lead editorial today the "new york times" board telling secretary hillary clinton to cut ties with the clinton foundation. secretary clinton has ted she will step aside if she is elected president. but the editorial board wants that to happen right now, not later. and the editorial ending with this line. achieving true distance from the foundation is not only necessary to ensure its effectiveness it is an ethical imperative for mrs. clinton. the "on the record" political panel is here rick klein and from the "boston globe" tracy. rick, first to you. why doesn't she get out of this now? i mean, it's like she has even got the "new york times" editorial board saying get out of the clinton foundation. >> this has been a story of
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half measures in response. that's what frustrates democrats is thatter step of the way you see a new revelation a new email, a new document. this is a tiny policy shift or tiny admission of potential woe shouldn't have done it that way we won't do it that way in the future. they have ripped the band-aid off. no more donations for foreign entities. totally spinning off the foundation's operations away from the clinton family. as it is with all the questions about her time as secretary of state, they raise more questions by saying well, if she is elected president we won't accept donations. it's clear there was an intermingling of personnel and business between the state department. >> 2009 promise. >> that's despite that promise and as more information comes out, you see the response is still halting. you don't have the big response. >> tracy, why doesn't she want to get out? if i were secretary clinton i got everyone pounding me for this and a child and husband can run. this run for the hills for. this let them do it? >> problem is first controversy over her emails
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and then the foundation controversy and now it's emails about the foundation. for the "new york times" so concerned about trump presidency to say to be calling out the democratic nominee, i mean, this is proof that it's not a right wing conspiracy as some democrats wish it were. >> why doesn't she just get out? why is she hanging on to this? >> she needs to hold a press conference and clear the air. >> don't look for that one. i don't see what she is gaining from this. and the other thing, too, that is troubling pack in 2009, none of this. well, guess what, there is a lot of this. at least more dramatic break now. >> right, right. absolutely. >> i think they don't want to take that step because to them it would be an admission that they did something wrong in the past. the clinton foundation has done enormous great work around the country. intermingling and the fact that there was not as high a wall as they promised. >> here is the problem. everyone says the clinton
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donors came to see her it wasn't a quid pro quo. here is the dirty truth in washington. you get your picture taken with somebody like the secretary of state you put it on your desk back home or in dubai or wisconsin or wherever you live. you come in and you look connected and nod and wink like you are a big shot and get things done or whatever. that's got to value that picture. >> no proof she did anything illegal. all the perception. it just looks bad. >> i don't think there is anything illegal with those people. it is that. it's the picture is each bad. >> the meeting itself -- you are able to go back and tell your people i just met with the secretary. >> check my picture. >> right here on my twitter feed. that is what they were trying to get in terms of access. people have not connected the dots official action x happened because of meeting y. >> it's the photograph. >> people say yes to her. that's part of the problem, too. >> part of the problem with all the people that knew there was a problem with the email server and didn't confront her with it.
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tracy, rick, don't go away. and donald trump isn't the only one outraged at quarterback colin kaepernick you will hear from donald trump. former star goes "on the record." safety doesn't come in a box. it's not a banner that goes on a wall. it's not something you do now and then. or when it's convenient. it's using state-of-the-art simulators to better prepare for any situation. it's giving offshore teams onshore support. and it's empowering anyone to stop a job if something doesn't seem right. at bp, safety is never being satisfied. and always working to be better.
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fury aimed at 49ers kaepernick not going away.
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he sparked outrage not standing to national anthem. him saying our country oppresses black people and now donald trump has a message for the quarterback. >> i think it's a terrible thing. and, you know, he maybe should try a country that works pert for him. let him try it won't happen. >> of course, donald trump isn't the only one all fired up. former new york giants steve weatherford goes "on the record." >> thanks for having me. >> your thoughts on this colin kaepernick controversy? >> you know what? as a white american it's difficult for me to understand what collin is going through as an african-american and as an african-american community i understand that outrage. i think his delivery, the place that he decided to take the stand is completely distasteful. i think if you're going to address something like that,
11:29 pm
which i do agree needs to be addressed, it needs to be rectified. during our national anthem, during the time that we are honoring the country, the people who have lost their lives and for him to take that time out of his life to make it about anything else but the greatest nation in the world that we live in, that we're blessed to live, in to have the rights that we have, i think it's distasteful, i don't think it has anything to do with the platform that he has as a professional athlete, as a role model. when you are giving introduce after the game, speak about this. stand up for. this but also, as an american, as somebody who enjoys the liberties and freedomsafforded by those who he come before to you defend this country, to build this country, you stand up and you honor that. >> as a former football player, i'm curious where you think his career is
11:30 pm
headed i think now every time he goes into another stadium when he steps back to throw a pass, everyone is going to start singing the national anthem and this is the kind of thing that doesn't go away. because it really has sparked a lot of outrage across the country. and i imagine the morale isn't particularly good in the locker room with him. he seems rather bitter with other things. he has lost apparently his starting job. he has had a rough off season. what happens to his football career. >> it's polarizing right now because it's the hottest topic. and any time you mix the most popular game in the united states, which is the national football league with politics, and with operatismpatriotism it's going t a lot of attention. every single time there is a football game i being playing by the 49ers the sad reality is they are not going to be talking about the game. all the cameras are going to be pointed at colin kaepernick. they are not going to be paying attention to the
11:31 pm
other 52 people on that team who paid the price in the off season and paid the price during their life up until that point to have the opportunity to play in the nfl and they are going to be talking about colin kaepernick and he is not even going to be playing in the game. >> you know, it's interesting about him. i'm wondering how much he thought this through. the national anthem does represent, there are so many men and women, for instance, in uniform. so many men and women who have lost their lives. such a patriotic thing. it's such a broad brush with his protest. you know, he seems to be protesting so much that is good about america and so many good men and women in this country. if he has a beef about, you know, serious social issues and a lot of serious social issues in this country, why not have a more -- why not have a more targeted impact? why not go down to some of these communities and help or go out and protest about this at protests? i think that taking the national anthem was his huge blunder. i might also add that he has been seen wearing a fidel castro t-shirt which isn't
11:32 pm
helpful. >> that's besides the point, greta. as a professional athlete and franchise quarterback. >> i don't know if that's beside the point. because we're also patriotic about football. we are patriotic about the anthem. >> 100 percent. the fidel, let me clarify the fidel castro t-shirt can be addressed at a different point. the thing i want to talk about today is the fact that is he a franchise quarterback. there is only 32 franchise quarterbacks in the national football league debatable whether or not is he going to start this year. but to use your platform for something good like bringing equality to the african-american race with police brutality, i'm all for that, but do that at a different time. that's thee minutes out of your life that you can give to honor those who came before us take any of the finances has made per year is he using any of that to leverage that celebrity and
11:33 pm
that monetary gain that he is making in america to help those communities, to help those families, i don't see it happening, greta, that's why this entire thing has rubbed me the wrong way and i just -- i think it's very distasteful. i think it's poor form and poor choice of platted forms to choose to stand up for something. >> last night with allen west on, he pointed out that the nfl is not going to do anything apparently about kaepernick, talking about that he has a right to protest. but the nfl apparently wouldn't let the -- one of the franchises where some insignia a, the class cowboys referencing the dallas officers gunned down and murdered while they were there to protect protesters right to protest the police. and so, you know, the nfl says that is not okay to do, to honor those police officers. but it is okay to sit down during the national anthem. >> because that, to me, the stipulation and the legality of that, greta, is that
11:34 pm
that's a team decision. and they can say yes or no because that team is governed by the national football league, the insignia of the nfl controls all of the abilities of the nfl. but they don't govern the constitutional rights in which we're born with as american citizens. but, to my credit, i don't think colin kaepernick is outside of his constitutional rights. i don't think is he wrong for what is he doing. i think it's incredibly poor form. >> you have a constitutional right to be offensive. without any doubt. i'm going to take the last word on that, steve. thank you for joining us. >> thanks, greta. >> viewers now is your chance to vote at home on twitter. are you offended by kaepernick refusing to stand for the national anthem? tweet yes or no using #greta. we will show you live twitter votes throughout the show. and donald trump started a campaign many municipa many moa.
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tomorrow we will hear his immigration plan. that's next. plus dangerous weather is bearing down on parts of the united states. the forecast is straight ahead. ♪ mapping the oceans. where we explore. protecting biodiversity. everywhere we work. defeating malaria. improving energy efficiency. developing more clean burning natural gas. my job? my job at exxonmobil? turning algae into biofuels. reducing energy poverty in the developing world. making cars go further with less. fueling the global economy. and you thought we just made the gas. ♪ energy lives here.
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get ready to speed read the news. main governor paula page flirting with the idea of resigning or is he. governor lepage came under fire for leaving a threatening obscene voice mail for lawmaker. he called him racist. today he tweeted this. the rumors resignation the reports of my political demise are greatly exaggerated. take look at, this people injured when a bull went on a rampage during a peru running with the bulls. religious festival the bull began to attack with his modern. one hand thrown into the air. finally officials were able to capture the run away
11:40 pm
bull. rick perry better swap his counsel boots with dancing shoes. he just announced he will be one ever the contestants with "dancing with the stars." with whom will he compete? olympic swimmer ryan lochte. lori hernandez and rapper vanilla ice. the season kicks off on september 12th. that's tonight's speed read and tomorrow night donald trump will give a major immigration speech in arizona but tonight trump is in washington state. fox news campaign carl cammeron is live in everett, washington. carl? >> hi, greta. a couple big stevens coming this up week. is he actually on the west coast california and washington state today primarily to raise money. there will be a big rally tonight. it is going to be a huge rally. the crowd has been winding around several blocks and they have been streaming in there the better part of 35 minutes. there is a huge amount riding on tomorrow night's
11:41 pm
speech. washington and california predominantly vote democrat in presidential campaigns in the last few decades so there is not likely a victory here to be had in washington state or california. but, arizona very much so and the immigration speech is particularly important. getting tough on immigration was the centerpiece of what launched donald trump's presidential campaign. he won the nomination defeating his rivals largely by accusing them of supporting amnesty and not being tough enough on immigration. tomorrow night is he going to clarify a number of the things that frankly have been in question because of some of the things that donald trump has said. he says he is going to build a wall and it will be a great wall and go from the pacific coast to the gulf of mexico but has acknowledged that there are some mountains in the way where making a wall would be impractical and there might be technological substitutes for a wall in some geographic areas. he started out saying there would be a temporary ban on all muslim visitors and muslims coming into this country physical we can find out what is going on,
11:42 pm
unquote. modified that to say well, we are going to have extreme, extreme investigating and how exactly that works and who will be applied to and not remains to be clarified. so i hope to hear something about that tomorrow. but the biggest deal has always been about the undocumented immigrants. the illegal aliens here. whether it's because of a visa stay or whether they crossed the border illegally. trump says if you want to be legalized go back to home nation and then come back to this country. if you are a criminal, a serious criminal you are out right away. if you are moderately serious criminal, that will be the next wave. for those who are otherwise law-abiding citizens, we don't really know what the plan will be. if they want to be legalized or citizenship, they have to go back. that will be open question resolved tomorrow night. greta? >> carl, thank you. the "on the record" political panel is back. abc political director rick cline and from the "boston globe" tracy. the big immigration speech that he is telling us he will be delivering. will there be any surprises? >> we don't know with trump.
11:43 pm
one of the key question is what is going to happen to the 11 million undocumented immigrants? and what happens law abiding immigrants in this country i will ely. there has been some talk instead of deporting them that they will be able to go and register with their consulate and then come back. i mean, his campaign manager kellyanne conway says he is looking for fair and humane way. will he do that? will he deliver the more hydrocarbon rhetoric that he has been winning the primaries on? >> he certainly has, rick, done the tease? everybody is waiting to hear what he has to say about this. he certainly has stirred up a lot of attention on this. and there has been recent attention whether he has backed off some of his earlier statements about immigration but then he came back and said things are going to stay the same. have at it what do you think? >> all surprises. he may surprise himself. there is no immigration policy from donald trump right now. is he going to la glimpse into
11:44 pm
donald trump potential president. >> and, of course, the hillary clinton campaign will be watching very closely tomorrow night as will everybody else. rick, tracy, thank you both. >> thanks, greta. >> we are tracking two giant tropical depressions and a fierce hurricane all headed for the united states. are you in the path? are you in the path? the forecast is next. relook.
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this is a fox news alert. extreme weather is threatening several parts of
11:49 pm
the u.s. multiple storm systems are brewing off the coast. one of them could make landfall at any minute. fox news senior meteorologist janice dean is tracking it all. janice? >> hi, greta. we have a lot of storms we are watching not just in the atlantic but in the pacific as well. two hurricanes that could effect the hawaiian islands in the next couple of days. let's talk about that first. two threats for hawaii, double hurricanes that could come very close if not make landfall across the big island and the hawaiian islands over the next couple of days. they need to be making preparations now. let's talk about the atlantic basin. we have two tropical depressions that could potential i had strengthen in the next couple of days. this one is tropical depression number 8. not really effecting the coast line too much. it could get some squally weather, showers and thunderstorms across the carolina coast line but much of the center of the storm is offshore. this one, this is tropical depression number 9, starting to get better organized. can you see all of the rainfall that is already moving into florida. still a tropical depression,
11:50 pm
but it is over very warm waters. and we think it could potentially strengthen to a tropical storm or a hurricane. that's why we have hurricane watches now in effect for the big band of florida. water surface temperatures are very warm, greta. we do have a window of opportunity for strengthening. we think making landfall somewhere along the florida coast line on thursday. but watch what happens, hugs the coast line here and perhaps even making northwesterly tour on the weekend into labor day for the northeast. so we need to watch this system very carefully. in the short-term, heavy rainfall, 6 to 12 inches possible along the west coast of florida. here is one of our reliable forecast models. looking at perhaps a strong thunderstorm, hurricane, then, greta, watching it along the coast line for the labor day. weekend back to you. >> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. anger directed at the quarterback came quickly.
11:51 pm
>> colin kaepernick reinforces the stereotype of a dumb jock. >> you run the risk of doing grave damage to the league and business in which you play and are paid. >> which colin kaepernick sits down and does not respect the flag, the same flag that draped the coffin of my father, a world war ii veteran, do i take umbrage with that. >> the national football league is on tv. it can easily be turned off. >> first and foremost he should give a humble apology to this country and for the men and women who served. >> compare kaepernick to muhammed ali is an insult to muhammed ali. >> terry johnson lost her son dennis johnson in 2010 in afghanistan. she has a different kind of outrage. she goes "on the record." nice to talk to you, terri. >> hi, greta, thank you. >> i first have to talk about your son. it's been over six years, i know the pain just never goes away.
11:52 pm
can i only say that my heart bleeds for you. i know everybody does for you and every other gold star family. i had to say that to you. >> thank you. thank you. >> i know. it's unthinkable. so, let me turn now to the question of the quarterback, the san francisco quarterback. he sat down during the national anthem. what do you say to him? >> >> when i first read what he wrote about the flag and that he did not take pride in the flag the first thing i thought of was the flag that they honored my son with by draping his casket and the flag that they folded and with the utmost respect handed to my husband and i with a grateful nation. and when i see the flag i
11:53 pm
see the best of us. i see hope and possibility. and to think that he sees nothing but oppression made me very sad. >> job if there is any way he can restore himself with a lot of people. can he do anything to restore in your mind what he has ton? >> in my behind if you are really unhappy and really look at the flag and see oppression and you don't see freedom, then do something about it. make it your mission to look at that flag and be proud of it. do something to affect the outcome. positive words, positive action, result in positive words and positive action. he has such a big forum. he has such a reach. he could do so much in a
11:54 pm
positive way for young people and to lead and that's what i wish he would do. i wish he would see that he can make a difference. and it's up to him to make the flag something he can be proud of. >> terri, thank you, i read a lot about your son. i even read at his funeral you read a letter. a letter was read from his parents that said they would miss his smile and his long talks and, you know, i know there is so many other parents out there likewise and siblings who have lost members in war and other accidents. my heart bleeds for you and i hope colin kaepernick figures out a way to fix this with so many people. thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> coming up, i hope barbra streisand is listening. i have a special message for her. i will take you off the record next.
11:56 pm
test test.
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let's go off-the-record. my thoughts tonight falls under the guideline give it a rest. who am i talking about barbra streisand. she is sing. she is in the threatening business. like i said she should give it a rest. streisand is the latest big celebrity to threaten us the mere americans it happens every four years when we suddenly hear from the celebrities from their malibu home if so and so is president they are leaving the united states. that threat is supposedly supposed to upset you. streisand says if crump is elected president she is moving to australia or canada as though that really matters to the rest of us or even to the poor languishing in the poor inner urban areas that can't afford to buy her music. she does have a beautiful voice. that is not how to use it remind everyone paraphrase who people need people. we need people who help not making idol threats and quitting when things don't
12:00 am
go their way. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. that's all for tonight. the far to starts right now. welcome to "red eye." i'm tom shillue. let's check in with andy levey at the "red eye" tease deck. >> thanks, tom, coming up on the big show, the "new york times" says hillary clinton has an imperative to distance herself from the foundation that bears her last name. and those who bear it all are hounded by men taking pictures. could this explain tom shillue's recent mysterious absence from our show? and john kerry said they should cover terrorism less so people don't know what is going on will that's one way to keep


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